THE MASKS OF THE GODDESS, beautifully illustrated with photographs by Thomas Lux, Peter Hughes, Anne Beam and others, documents 30 multi-cultural masks of Goddesses, a collection that travelled throughout the U.S, from the Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors in New York City, to the Spiral Dance in San Francisco, continually in use by ritualists, choreographers, and storytellers for 10 years, as they celebrated the Divine Feminine in myth and within our lives. Includes stories of the Goddesses, articles, performance excerpts, and interviews

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Grandmother Spider Woman is the great weaver who spins the world into being with the stories she imagines. Also called Thought Woman by Pueblo peoples of the Southwest, Spider Woman's hands are also our hands.....weaving, revealing and remembering a vision of a unitive, quontum, co-creative world. To follow the trail of Spider Woman is to see the world " with a webbed vision ".

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This is the companion book for my RAINBOW BRIDGE ORACLE 62 card deck. Beautifully illustrated, each image is accompanied with a description of the "oracular" meanings of the work of art.


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~Open Poems~

1971 to 2004

by Lauren Raine, Felicia Miller, Joanna Brouk

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I don't believe we can know who we are without re-discovering those people who had a lot to do with who we were. In 2004 I found a treasure in an old cardboard box. A collection of poetry written by myself and my friends some 35 years ago when we had the good fortune to be young in Berkeley in the halcyon days of the early '70's. Many of them I illustrated. I added to the mix poems that continue the journey since. Joanna, Felicia, thank you.

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In 2005 I was at the Artist's Enclave at I Park in Connecticut working on my version of the Tarot . Because so much inspiration occurs there around the dinner table, it's become a tradition for each artist to leave a "recipe" when they leave. That's how this little book about RECIPES FOR THE MUSE came about. It works for me.

"Art is food for the Soul. Bon Appetit."

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