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Students learn how to make a durable theatrical mask with leather, cast from their own faces, and explores as well the "story" of the mask. It is open to participants of any age, and can be a three-day immersion workshop, or a longer class.

Making a mask is an art, but "bringing the mask to life" continues the journey.  Imbued with stories, a mask is never just a passive "art object". And because the "spirits of the masks" come from the Mythic Realm, there is really no end to the journey, just a new telling.

"After the huge inspiration of Lauren's class, I became so involved in masks and mythology that I now have my own "cosmos" of 25 masks, and use them in my work with kids continually. I'm hooked!"

Michael Sanderson, Participant at MUSE Community Art Center




"Discovering the Goddess Within" is a workshop or longer class for women who wish to explore archetypes of the Divine Feminine through mask making..  We learn to sculpt a theatrical mask from our faces, explore personally significant stories and symbols, and approaches to storytelling with masks, community performance and ritual theatre.

"The Masks of the Goddess Workshop was a pivotal event in my life. I have been feeling the Goddesses waking up ever since."

Lorraine Hogan, Participant at KRIPALU

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